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Are You Ready to Get Your MBA?

Unlike some of the other professional degrees, the MBA isn’t one that people can or should get before they attain a certain amount of experience in their respective field of work.

However, how do you know you are ready to get that Master’s in Business Administration? Should you wait a while longer, or is this the perfect time? Well, these are hard questions to answer for anybody, but it depends on the particular individual and his/her situation as well. Generally though, the following signs are good ways to tell when you are ready for finally pursuing that MBA to enhance your career beyond where it is right now.

getting stuck professionally Are You Ready to Get Your MBA?

Your Career is Stuck

We all reach a point in our careers where growth becomes slow, if not totally absent. Sometimes though, the reason why a talented employee is stuck in his/her career could very well range from the fact that their current qualifications are not being considered sufficient in the organization. The MBA degree in a suitable field will without a doubt, clear any such obstacles, if and where they exist.

The reason for getting stuck professionally could also originate from the fact that you have actually managed to reach the maximum potential in your current profession.

In such scenarios, an MBA degree can open new doors for you to branch out and reach new places from where you can develop much further ahead. In fact, an MBA with the right specialization can help you to start a new and more prospective career in a different sector altogether.

Suffolk University Online Are You Ready to Get Your MBA?

You Know You Need One, But Can’t Find Time

A very common reason for procrastinating one’s Master’s degree in Business Administration, even when you know that it could really boost your career, is quite simply the lack of time.

If you are going to go for a fulltime MBA program at a university which is probably located in a different state or city, the only way to do so would be by taking a break from work.

This is not impossible mind you, and some companies encourage it, and even pay a big portion of the expenses if they deem the employee to be someone worth investing in. However, you will be losing out on job experience and the salary for the entire duration of the MBA program. It essentially turns you into a student again, only older!

An alternative would be to study online. Suffolk University Online, for example, offers MBA courses with AACSB International Accreditation that basically eliminates all of these problems altogether.

You can hold on to your job for the experience and the money, complete the course from your home and at a pace that’s suited to your busy lifestyle. You will still open up new career paths and clear away roadblocks with the MBA degree by the time you have completed it, but you will be a lot better off and have more job experience to put on your resume as well.

paid better Are You Ready to Get Your MBA?

You Want to be Paid Better

Everyone wants to be paid better, but not everyone deserves it though. Even the ones that deserve it, may not ever get it at times, unfortunately. Therefore, it is only natural to seek ways in which you can actually get paid a lot more than you are being paid right now.

It’s a fact that employees with the same designation get paid a lot higher when they have a MBA degree on their resume.

Although it would be impractical to estimate how much a degree like that can add to your annual salary without knowing the specialization, the experience, the industry and various other factors, rest assured that as long as the course is an AACSB Accredited one, there will certainly be a hike in the package.

If, for any reason, your current employer is not willing to give you the hike you deserve, it is quite likely that an experienced professional with a MBA in Business Intelligence or Finance will likely not have to look too hard for a better career opportunity in another organization.

Your Peers Have MBA Degrees Already

Look around and see if most of your colleagues with experience and expertise similar to those of yours already have an MBA, or are in the process of getting one. If that’s the case, then you are falling behind and it’s only a matter of time before they start getting better salaries than you, alongside better career opportunities.

Now that you know both the signs and a dependable way to get a Master’s degree without having to leave your job, the only question remains is, why shouldn’t you get your MBA right now?

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