How To Work Abroad And Travel In Limited Budget

Travel is a great way to explore new places and meet new people, but when budgets are concerned, things start to get limited. While working and travel might sound just as restrictive, it opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

travel - work abroad

Whether it’s working in a bustling café, picking fruit in a sunny valley or getting corporate in an office halfway across the world from home, having a job in a new place keeps things interesting and affordable.

Top Benefits to Working Abroad

Rather than being a tourist in a new place, working makes it easier to become part of the community and build friendships that will give more insight into the culture than most traveller would ever anticipate. Other benefits include:

Building relationships with co-workers and making new friends
-Getting local insights that may be missed by other travelers
-Establishing ties and connections in a new place
-Broadening career experiences and professional development

Just as every person is different, every work and travel experience is rewarding in a variety of unique ways.

travel - work abroad

Finding a Job While Travelling

The two main options for finding work while travelling are setting something up before arrival in a new place, or finding something when already there. Both have their own set of pros and cons, but usually the decision can be figured out by considering what will be the more comfortable decision for an individual.

For example, someone who likes stability while travelling would probably be better off organising work before getting to a new place, whereas someone who wants to take more time getting familiar with things may prefer to look for work once they reach their destination.

There are a multitude of resources for combining work an travel, including volunteer organisations like United Planet and information services like The Big Guide to Living and Working Overseas, as well as a variety of programs available for people who want to teach English overseas.

travel - work abroad

In addition to these options there are also a number of programs and work holiday opportunities for people between 17-35 years old, which gives young people the opportunity to experience new things and undergo unique personal and professional development. Applying for these programs often comes with a fee and looking at a few different options is always a wise decision to make sure there is good value for money.

Regardless of the avenue taken, working overseas is a smart way to travel, stay financially secure and have priceless experiences.

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