8 Best TV Series 2016 and Sitcoms to watch on Netflix in this year!

Best TV Series 2016

It’s been an abundant year for the TV, and we have completed three-quarters of the year. The small screen turned into a gold rush for the sitcom watchers with mega glitz comedies to the low-key miniseries. The Battle of Bastards took the world by storm with dragons, crooks, drunks and spies. Apart from that, there are many other amusing shows like the newly started Supergirl which has been showing us the hilarious version of Superman with kickass humor instead of the regular boring one. Each show has a different take, and by that, we all know what Mr. Robot has been doing this year. So, here are the 8 Best TV Series 2016 and Sitcoms to watch on Netflix in 2016. Have a look!

The Americans: By the name, it might sound ridiculous, but this show is an astounding espionage which keeps on hiking the stakes with each episode. Elizabeth and Philip, a suburban couple of the eighties and who live a double life as the spies give us a series full of gruesome killings and tainted love. Standing at the top of the Best TV Series 2016

Broad City: Abbi and Ilana go on with episodes revolving around how to get an unexpected period on a plane to how to snuggle and get away with Hillary Clinton. The co-op episodes of phish-theme and the well-played scenes of the rom-com make you fall in love with the show! This show is unique to stand out in the Best TV Series 2016.

Full Frontal with Samantha Bee: With the comic range of the fake news goddess, this show in Best TV Series 2016 will give you a hardcore comic rage. She’s savage and sass and over the top, she is funny about the topics which are not even half funny.

“Our” Game of Thrones:

According to Ned Stark, “He who passes sentence must swing the sword.”

Here, even if George RR Martin is the one who has been passing the sentences, the TV show makers are the ones to swing the sword. After the outstanding sixth season, we are not being suffocated to know who’s going to be king among Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow, and Tyrion Lannister and if three of them are Targareyns and if they would together ride the dragons together.

Horace and Pete: This drama is a total surprise which is made in secret among the Best TV Series 2016. It is not released on the website, and it doesn’t have any fanfare.  It is the tale of a family at the grim Brooklyn bar which is subjected to a family curse from so long that passes down from the father to son.

Lady Dynamite: Maria Bamford’s show is “there,” a place where mental breakdown happens. So the question is not about going or not going, but about what’s there. She is the main lead playing a comedian trying to make into Hollywood as well as getting institutionalized in a psych ward.

Orange is the New Black: This show in Best TV Series 2016 has grown unmatchable these days, and it has got an enormous viewership even. As the title goes, this show deals with the damaged characters with many dramatic directions as well.

And of course last, but not the least! FRIENDS. Don’t we all want a re-run of our favorite show even in 2016 and also for 10 years from now?


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