How to apply for credit card online? What are the requirements?

How to apply for credit card online

Acquiring a credit card is everyone’s dream. After all, who doesn’t love to spend the money without limit even when you don’t have the liquid cash in your hands? However, the credit cards are a pain in the ass as they provoke us to spend more especially when we have a limited income. This is why credit cards; at least the legit ones are only issued once after reaching a decent income status and not before. Why do banks give credit cards, if you ask me; it is because for their own good and also for the good of the customers who confront with the urge of spending huge chunks of money but with a progressive income. Banks give credit cards to customers who are financially stable to pay the credit back in a specific time.

How to apply for credit card online?

There is this one question always revolving in our brains, “How to apply for credit card? Where to start?”. The procedure of getting a credit card is different from different banks and different countries. Firstly, you need to know which bank is sophisticated enough regarding credit scores and then know about those schemes. For example, in India; most of the banks ask the users to apply for credit card through online by visiting the official banking website.¬†If you want to apply for credit card in SBI, type State Bank of India in Google and visit the official website of SBI. From there, you will be guided how to apply for credit card.

Procedure to apply for credit card online:

The usual steps involved in applying for a credit card is to fill the form, fill the account details like the account type, the credit type, contact details (authentic), monthly salary After filling the form, the bank will approach you in the form a phone call for the verification. Once you’ve attended the call and the details are verified, you can collect the card from the branch by providing the documents.

What are the minimum requirements to applying for a credit card?

The Credit Card Act, 2009 declared that one should be at least 21 to get a credit card or one should be above 18 and should have the capacity that he/she can make the payments back. This is because the college students were habituated on taking the credit cards and leaving the debts without paying them.¬†Coming to the requirements, there are no particular requirements if you’re starting with a secured credit score. Go to the bank and request a card by guaranteeing the amount you are taking at the institution with something you own. As you use your card, the details will be reported, and you will be building the credit until you pay the significant sum once in a while.

Also, notice that the prepaid cards and the secure cards are entirely different and one has nothing to do with the other. In case if you don’t want to be bothered with the prepaid cards, try the Kohl’s cards or some other store cards where you can pay off each month from your salary.


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