Casino Etiquette: everything you need to know

Online Gaming everything you need to know

No matter how old you are, or if you are a consecrated player, etiquette is something you should never undermine. But, in the new world that is more rushed than ever, and the fact that many gamblers play almost exclusively online, it’s easy to forget simple rules that make you look like a true gentleman and create a healthy environment for all people in a brick and mortar casino.

But don’t worry, the casino etiquette isn’t rocket science, and you can join the group of distinguished poker players following simple tips.

  1. Dress accordingly

Although you don’t need to look like James Bond when you sit at a Baccarat table, certainly nobody wants to be close to the player whose clothing look scruffy.

Yes, it’s okay to wear your lucky socks or dress casually to visit the casino, but keep in mind that people gamble fun and distract from daylight problems while hunting a jackpot. The last thing they want to find at the tables is someone who drives them away with their dirty clothes.

  1. Tip or no tip?

Sometimes we forget about the human being who works all night in the casino and always needs to smile and manage problematic players while doing his job flawlessly. Of course, we are not saying that tips are mandatory, but it’s nice to recognize when someone does a great job.

And yes, casino employees have a salary, but certainly giving a small share of your profits won’t affect you that much and will bring a real smile to the croupier who dealt you Blackjack overnight.

  1. Handle your emotions

Celebrate if you win. It’s also okay to curse a little bit when you lose. Both are natural emotions, and no one will have a problem with that. But certainly, you won’t appreciate playing right next to the loud one that screams and dances every time he wins a hand.

Again, people visit casinos for fun, so always keep that in mind so as not to disturb anyone there. Remember that you can still celebrate at home with your loved ones.

Online Gaming

  1. Be careful with alcohol

Many casinos offer free alcoholic drinks. It’s very common, and there is nothing wrong with having some Mojitos throughout the night. But, as always with alcohol, you need to know your limits and drink just to have a good time and not get drunk.

Drunk players at casino tables are perhaps the worst, and the security guys continually look for problematic players to throw them out. Keep in mind that alcohol boosts the emotions so that a simple loss can get you into a fight with the dealer!

  1. Draw the line on superstitions

Everyone has superstitions. And although most of them are harmless, it’s essential to know where to stop.

It’s prevalent to see players wearing a particular yellow shirt or having a lucky charm close to their chips. Some people blow the dice before throwing them. But if your superstition is to ask all players to blow your dice and raise their hands while playing, that will probably cause a negative effect.

Your fossil or lucky coin is fine unless it’s a massive rock that makes other players feel uncomfortable. I think that no more examples are needed to make the point clear!

Behaving in a casino is simpler than it seems. Just enjoy your experience and not overdo it, surely everything will be fine.

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