The biggest Jackpots ever won in the History of Gambling

The biggest Jackpots ever won in the History of Gambling

If you love gambling or the world of casino then you must understand how important jackpots are. Whether it’s a bet for some sport or even a poker game. Being a game of chances and luck, gambling might either turn you into an instant millionaire or take away every dime in your pocket. That however depends with how skillful you are at it. Slot machines as well as table games not to forget bets are very easy to play. Some people end up assuming what would have been a life changing opportunities.

One of the best gambling casino games which include using slot machines are the easiest to win from. This is because this is where progressive jackpots were introduced. How does this work? This works especially if no one’s wins at all. The amount of money being won increases gradually. This has made so many casino players into millionaires overnight. What is greater than being a millionaire from simply just having fun? What happens is that when no one wins a small amount of money is put aside into the jackpot. Sometimes a number of machines come together to create a pool which increases the prize. Once one of the layer wins they get to access all the prize not looking at what machine they were using.

Gambling might sometimes come with its own misfortunes especially if you are not careful. The worst mishap to ever happen was to one Katrina Bookman at the resort world casino which was so disappointing and sad. She was set to win around 42.9 million dollars which would have been the biggest gambling prize of all time. However it turned out negative when a malfunction occurred and the machine could only give 6,500 dollars as pay out. She ended up being paid a prize of a steak dinner with the casino owner. Sad right? So gambling might be great but it doesn’t mean it’s a sure win.

However apart from the mishaps which rarely happen there comes the icing on the cake. The jackpot. People have been remembered across the globe for being the ones to get the highest jackpot prizes in both table games and slot games. Some of these celebrated people who turned millionaires in a spun of a wheel include:

One of the World War 2 fighters, Elmer Sherwin won himself 4.6 million dollars from the Megabucks jackpot just a few minutes after it was open to the public for the first time. The winner was actually in his 70’s. This guy was clearly a lucky guy. Years later while in his 90’s he visited to visit the Cannery casino in Vegas to try out his luck again. Funny enough luck seemed to follow him. This is because he managed to scoop around 22 million dollars yet again from the game he played and its jackpot.

A few years earlier in Megabucks casino a sixty year old won 27.5 million dollars from simply playing one armed bandit. The woman was a resident of Las Vegas.

Years later a resident in her vacation, Amy Nishiruma a 71 year old won her first jackpot of 8.9 million for playing with less than 100 dollars. Isn’t that just marvelous?

In Excalibur hotel a young man who isn’t known won 39 million dollars from a jackpot. This was recorded as among the highest jackpot to ever be won in the history of gambling.

One thing that made this one stand out was the fact that he requested that he gets pay out in installments. This means that he will be paid almost for the rest of his life.

Yet again one Cynthia Jay got the largest and biggest jackpot of the time. She scooped around 35 million dollars at a Megabucks slot machine in Monte Carlo casino. Too bad Cynthia cant get to try out her luck again. This is because years later she suffered an accident which rendered her paralyzed. The good thing she had at least hit it in the first try.

Apart from these wins some other people have made history in other gambling games. Some of these wins are so great that they are worth being mentioned.

Greatest winners in the game of roulette

If you love a nice clean game then you must have interacted with roulette. Known for its sleek and need for skillful tactics, this game is one of the most thrilling ones. Just around 2004 Ashley Revel hit a great win. The most interesting thing is the guy actually sold everything he had, including all of his clothes to gamble a stunning 135000 Dollars on one spin of roulette. This is where he won himself over 270,000 dollars. This actually turned out into a television reality show called „double or nothing“.

People who took over the game of blackjack

People who took over the game of gambling

One of the greatest winners of this thrilling game were a group of students who used counting cards to earn themselves over 100 million dollars. From students to multi-millionaire! What made this interesting was how skillful these students were. They actually used intelligence to maximize on their wins without being noticed.
The next best guy who ousted these students was a guy named Johnson. Instead of using card counting he went ahead to use research to tackle this game. He made sure to work with the ones with the best pay-outs as well as having the most favorable rules. From this he was able to get himself more than 15 million dollars. Just from a simple research. Next in line was a billionaire, one Kerry Parker who on his trip to Vegas worn himself around 20 million dollar as well as another 40 million dollars from playing this simple game.
Apart from this lottery gambling is also one of the most sought out jackpot prizes in the gambling industry. One nurse Maria Grasso from Boston worn herself 197 million dollars from a simple lottery jackpot prize.

A nice deal from the early years of sportsbetting

One more thing that is also a cash cow for jackpot prizes is sports betting. One of them include the horse racing jackpot. In 1929 a horse called COOL came first. A woman named Kathrine who had only put a bet of 49 cents earned herself around 1700 dollars.

Try your own luck

If you want to try your own luck after reading about all of these lucky people, the site ist the right place to start with. Here you find the recently biggest progressive jackpot slots and where to play them.

Even if these jackpots are very tempting, please always remember to gamble with responsibility and never play with the expectation to win. Otherwise you might develop an addiction and run into massive trouble.


 These were some of the biggest won jackpots in the history of gambling.

As you have seen from the various exmaples above, winning in gambling is something attainable. But you always have to keep in mind, in the end of the day, its mainly your luck that decides whether you win or not. Therefore one of the most important things to remember is that the main purpose of gambling is to have fun and enjoy a good time, and not to earn money.


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