Which gaming headset is best for Playstation 3

Gaming headsets are quickly becoming necessary for the enjoyment of online multiplayer games. Communication, or lack thereof, can greatly influence the outcome of matches. Talking to teammates via a game, can be a great way to plan out strategies or meet new friends. With so many headsets on the market it can be hard for a gamer to know which one to buy. When selecting a gaming headset there are a few options to consider along with personal experience from the author.

Which gaming headset is best for Playstation 3

Selecting a Bluetooth or Wired Gaming Headset

Bluetooth Headsets: Should You Buy the PS3 Communication Device or another Brand

Bluetooth is probably the most popular option for PS3 gaming headsets. The advantages of blue tooth are obvious. It is convenient to not be tethered to your TV while gaming. A good Bluetooth device is comfortable, easy to operate, and is compatible with the PS3. A good Bluetooth device with all of these capabilities is surprisingly hard to find. The PS3 Bluetooth is probably the best bet for gamers who really want a wireless microphone.

While it is somewhat uncomfortable, the PS3 brand Bluetooth is the only sure thing when worried about feedback. Feedback can be a real bother for other people on the team of a player with an off market Bluetooth. The most common result in feedback from devices is a high pitched squeal, static or a quiet voice from the person speaking.

The buttons on the PS3 Bluetooth can be hard to find while it is being worn. The biggest downfall of a wireless microphone is that it has to be charged after a few hours of use. While the small battery may be a small issue for the average gamer, serious gamers should consider a wired headset for endless trash talking fun.

Wired Headsets: Some Work for PSN, Xbox Live, and the PC Platforms

A good wired headset is a little more expensive than the PS3 Bluetooth, but it may be well worth a little bit of extra cash. Wired headsets are connected through the USB port on the PS3 console. Most manufacturers realize that a long wire is necessary to compete with wireless competitors.

Some models, like the reasonably priced Turtle Beach brand ‘Ear Force P21’, are also connected through the RCA cables allowing a player to listen to all audio through the headphones. This can be very cool if parents (or neighbors) do not want to listen to booming game sound effects all night. Other advantages to this particular headset are that it cancels outside noise (nagging parents), and also is in surround sound, which allow players to hear enemies sneaking up behind them.

This option can be turned off through the PS3 menu and switch back to HDMI audio within a few seconds. Wireless headsets do not require batteries, so weekend game binges can be performed without ever having to recharge a microphone.

More Information about the Turtle Beach Headset

playstation 3 gaming headset

On the Ear Force P21 there are bass and chat boost buttons to customize the sound or automatically raise teammate’s voice volume when game noise levels increase. It is comfortable to wear for long periods of time (almost too comfortable).

The Turtle Beach product is also compatible with the PC and Xbox platforms, which makes it a no brainer for players with multiple consoles. This headset can be found at BEST BUY but may be found for a lower price on the web.

Trivial Pursuit for the PlayStation 3

Trivial Pursuit’s status as one of the top casual games is unquestioned. It’s an elegant game design wrapped around both answering trivia questions and social interaction. Various expansion packs containing new questions have only added to the fun over the years.

Hasbro’s version of the game for the PlayStation 3 adds a few new game modes and high quality graphics and sound to Trivial Pursuit’s winning formula. PlayStation Network trophies are another welcome addition, but the lack of online multiplayer gameplay is pretty surprising.

Trivial Pursuit for the PlayStation 3 Features

Three Game Modes (Classic, Facts and Friends, Clear the Board)
PlayStation Network Trophies
Downloadable Question Packs

Still a Trivial Pursuit for Wedges

playstation 3 bluetooth gaming headset

Even in its console version, the rules of Trivial Pursuit remain essentially the same. Players roll dice, moving their pieces around the game board, answering questions as they go. The questions are categorized, with each category having its own color. Answering a special wedge question in a certain category earns that color wedge; collecting all the wedges and then answering one more question is still the way to win the classic game.

Trivial Pursuit for the PS3 also features a quicker Facts and Friends mode that involves players sharing one piece and competing for the same wedges. The players can also bid on whether or not their competitors can answer a question, which adds a fun element to this faster-paced version of Trivial Pursuit.

Solitaire gamers have the Clear the Board mode to sharpen their skills. Essentially a one-person assault on the Trivial Pursuit game board, Clear the Board players can shoot for either the highest possible score or the fastest time in clearing the board.

Why no Online Multiplayer Trivial Pursuit

The most stunning omission in Trivial Pursuit for the PS3 is the lack of an online multiplayer mode. While PSN Trophies are a nice addition, who does trophy-related smack talk? EA and Hasbro really missed the boat on this one.

The console version of the game features modern graphics and sound, but the play-by-play announcer needs to be muted in the game’s audio settings after the first 10 minutes of game play. Thankfully the focus of Trivial Pursuit is answering questions, as it should be, and the slightly overdone graphics don’t really get in the way.

Downloadable question packs are available on the PlayStation Network’s store, with the movie pack being currently available for free. Good knowledge of Bollywood is a requirement for that question pack.

Trivial Pursuit for the PlayStation 3 is a blast for fans of the game, but the lack of a multiplayer online mode prevents the game from receiving an unquestioned recommendation. Interested PS3 casual game fans should check out this Suite101 article about Monopoly for the PlayStation 3.

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