America’s leading charities for helping families

leading charities for helping families

In many ways, America is an excellent place in which to start a family and bring up children. With a great school system, a relatively booming economy and a good degree of political and institutional stability compared to some other parts of the world, growing up in America is in many ways a blessing. But for some families, it isn’t quite that simple.

The US does, for example, have high rates of child poverty, with 21% of American families deemed to be living under the designated US-wide child poverty level. And there are also ongoing issues surrounding emigration, asylum and citizenship – and in recent months there have been several serious cases involving families getting split up for a whole host of reasons. With these and many more issues posing problems for modern American families, charities often have to step in and act to ensure that these are lessened in seriousness for as many families, children and other groups as possible. This article will look in depth at some of the charitable organizations trying their best to solve the problems.

Cradles to Crayons

This innovative charity is one of America’s leading children’s third sector organizations. While Cradles to Crayons does a lot of work, their main area of focus is on creating and sending out what are known as “KidPacks.” The packs contain all sorts of essential items designed to help kids get what they need, including toys and school supplies. On its website, Cradles to Crayons encourages donors to “bring some sunshine into the life of a less-fortunate neighbor” – and with many happy young beneficiaries of the scheme often writing in or sending photographs of the items they’re using, it’s clear that this excellent organization is serving a real community need.

Charles Phillips Charity

 Another leading charity aiming to help children (as well as many other groups) is the Charles Phillips Charity. One of their major beneficiary groups is single parents – and with over thirteen million American single parents believed to exist that are facing potential problems, it’s a cause well worth supporting. The charity does all kinds of good works in this area, including financial support for those who are raising a child by themselves. And they take an inclusive approach. By helping both men and women who are single parents, the charity ensures that everyone benefits from its cash.

March of Dimes

March of Dimes is a long-standing health-focused organization designed to help both pregnant women and the babies they carry. It was first set up just before the Second World War in 1938, when it was dedicated to fighting polio. These days, it works hard to ensure that all mothers are kept safe and healthy while they’re bearing children – and that they’re defended against all sorts of pregnancy-related health problems which sadly do exist in the modern world, including infant mortality. In total, this charity has managed to give over $20 million in research grants!


charities for helping families

In the modern age, it’s still the case that unplanned pregnancies sometimes occur, affecting the young women who experience it in a number of ways. And while attempts to curb this have taken place in recent years, it’s still the case that young women end up feeling scared, confused and alone once they discover that they’re carrying a child. And with some US states better than others at providing information to those who find themselves in this situation, it’s down to chance whether or not you’ll be able to easily find out what you need to know.

Step forward OptionLine. By providing information over the phone to those who are in the midst of a pregnancy, it’s possible for young women to make informed decisions about what to do. They provide information on all sorts of areas of this field, including the adoption process and sexually transmitted diseases. And the best part is that the phone line is open around the clock and all week long – so no matter when a young person may be feeling upset or stressed out about their pregnancy-related problems, they can call.

What is clear, is that there are plenty of organizations out there doing their very best to solve the myriad social, cultural and economic problems which American families experience. While the US remains an ideal place in which to be a kid in many ways, even families which didn’t expect to fall on hard times can experience difficulties when they least expect them. And while the presence of a thriving third sector isn’t everything, it does offer a security blanket – and everyone owes a debt of gratitude to these groups that are doing their best to look out for modern families in this way.

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