How to Live Green Easily

Recycling used water bottles and driving a hybrid car are not the only means of living a greener lifestyle. To take baby steps in the process of living an eco-friendly lifestyle, start small. From a morning routine of getting ready, a trip to the grocery store, or planning the next vacation, there are countless ways to be more eco-conscious for any lifestyle.

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Save Water by Focusing on Water Conservation Techniques in the Home

Take into account the amount of water a person can waste by leaving the faucet running while brushing their teeth or shaving. The amount of water could be in the gallons, just for leaving the faucet running when it is not necessary. By simply turning off the water faucet while brushing teeth or shaving, gallons of water can be saved in a household each day.

Focus on taking showers that clean the body but don’t spend twenty minutes in a hot shower because it feels good. By giving up ten minutes in a hot shower, energy to heat the water and the water itself will be conserved.

Buy in Bulk to Reduce Packaging Materials that End Up in Landfills

With all the packaging that goes into all of the items one uses on a daily basis, buying in bulk can save a lot of plastic and paper from being used. The individual water bottles, individual milk cartons, a d individual servings of string cheese all contain convenient but unnecessary packaging.

A walk through the grocery aisles and one can spot useless packaging in every category. A simple switch from 12-packs of bottled water to a simple investment in a reusable water bottle can save two to four plastic bottles from going to the landfill each day. Other ways to save during meals: using washable Tupperware or other food containers instead of plastic bags, use washable utensils, reusable lunch sacks, and use cloth napkins instead of paper. A sack lunch often has more trash than food, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Use Timers to Reduce Electricity Waste

While at work and around the house, utilizing timers is a great way to ensure lights and other appliances don’t stay on longer than needed. Decreasing the temperature of the thermostat by a mere two degrees can save hundreds in heating costs. Timers are helpful because they take away the need to remember to shut off appliances and lights when they are no longer in use.

To further save electriciy in the home, invest in Energy Star rated appliances and unplug idle appliances when not in use. Even when a computer is shut down, if a light remains on, the computer is still using power.

Convenience still often outweighs the need to save natural resources for many consumers. Small changes in lifestyle can make a difference and the more effortless adopting a green lifestyle is for people, the more likely they are to follow an earth friendly lifestyle.

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    I think most people ignore these simple things that can help us live in an eco-friendly enviroment. Your Post clearly reminds us, the importance of taking some of the mentioned tasks into consideration if we want to keep our environment clean and devoid of wastes like Plastics or Polythene bags. Thanks for sharing these.

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