Housewarming Present Ideas They’ll Actually Love

Housewarming parties are a fun excuse to get together with your friends. It’s also a wonderful time to give your friends a gift that they can use. Instead of grabbing that traditional bottle of wine or picking up a bouquet, find something unique they’ll actually enjoy. Use these ideas to help you get started.

Housewarming Present Ideas Theyll Actually Love

Wine Opener

Instead of that typical bottle of wine, go one step further and make it a gift set by pairing it with a wine bottle opener. Think about getting the Oeno Box Solid Wood Corkscrew Wine Opener from Williams Sonoma—a model that’s not only functional and long-lasting, but beautiful as well. Made in France, the compact, solid opener has a vertical handle crafted from walnut that removes the cork with one smooth pull, so there’s no yanking or struggle required.

Tree to Be

For first time homeowners, consider something that can stand the test of time, like a Tree To Be Tulip Tree Kit. New homeowners will enjoy christening their yard with a beautiful symbol of the passing the years. The kit includes seedlings and a clay pot to help begin the growth process before ground planting after the first year. Within 10-15 years, the tulip tree will be ready to begin blooming.

Set of Coffee Mugs

Serious coffee drinkers know there’s nothing quite like a staple mug when it comes to enjoying that morning caffeine fix. Coffee and tea lovers alike will appreciate a fresh set of mugs to start their mornings off right in a new home. For an extra special touch, consider getting a set of mugs that are monogrammed with their initials, like the Optimist Monogram Mugs from Anthropologie.

Cozy throw blanket

Whether they like curling up on the couch with a book or throwing a living room picnic, there’s really no such thing as having too many cozy blankets. And what better gift than something that’ll keep them warm all year long?

The Home T

The Home T Housewarming Present Ideas

If you have friends making a cross-country move, consider a shirt from The Home T. These super soft tees, tanks and hoodies feature a range of states and countries that simply say, “Home.” From Texas t-shirts to California hoodies, this apparel will offer an added bit of comfort when homesickness kicks in.

Personalized Cutting Board

Thank goodness for the foodies. Without them, there would never be any good dinner parties to look forward to. Help set the stage for future soirees with a personalized cutting board. Explore cutting boards that are monogrammed or shaped like their home state. Want something out of the ordinary? The Mezzaluna rocking chopper is the kitchen tool they didn’t know they needed. This chopper makes quick work of garlic and herbs, as well as meat, fish, fruits, pizza and more.

Mr. Fix It Gift Basket

Help cut down on any initial trips to the hardware store by giving the happy nesters a practical basket filled with new home essentials, like batteries, trash bags, cleaning supplies, nails, soap, shower liners, flashlight and paper towels. You may also want to consider throwing in some airplane bottles of their favorite spirits to cap off a long day of unpacking. 

The Drunken Botanist Book

For plant and spirit lovers alike, the Drunken Botanist is a quirky exploration of herbs, flowers, trees, fruits and fungi that humans have used over the centuries to create an array of alcohol types. Blending biology, chemistry, history, etymology and mixology, author Amy Stewart takes readers on a journey, while also offering both gardening tips and more than fifty drink recipes. This makes a fun coffee table read they can add to their living room.

Don’t forget to go to the housewarming without a gift, and consider these to get the party started.

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