Holiday gifts and Christmas presents tips for babies

Depending on their age during their first holiday season, many infants may not have an understanding of what is going on. Therefore, giving a Christmas present that will help the baby’s parents to care for him or her is a great idea. These holiday gift ideas help parents to entertain their baby, keep the baby clothed or can be keepsakes to preserve memories of infancy and childhood.

Holiday gifts and Christmas presents tips for babies

One thing to remember is to avoid basic infant care items, except for clothes, unless the parent has expressly asked for them. It is likely that most parents received strollers, high chairs, baby carriers and other newborn items for gifts before or right after the baby was born.

Christmas Presents for Babies that Entertain

Parents need toys for their baby that will keep them happy and keep their attention. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Activity Gym Mats. Ages: newborn and up. Approximate retail price: $25 and up. Baby lays on the mat on his or her back and plays with the array of toys handing from an overhead bar.
Activity Tables. Ages: 6 months and up. Approximate retail price: $30 and up. Many are adjustable, allowing a younger baby to sit and play or an older baby to stand. The table top features a variety of buttons to push, knobs to turn and even music.

Holiday Gifts to Keep Baby Clothed and Warm

Babies grow out of clothes quickly. Give their parents adorable holiday inspired clothes and winter hats to boost their wardrobe.

Holiday Themed Sleepers. Approximate retail price: $10 and up. These one piece pajamas with attached feet often say “Baby’s First Christmas” or other cute seasonal phrases.
Warm Hats for Winter. Approximate retail price: $10 and up. Parents love to see their babies in adorable hats. Whether they are knitted or fleece, have pom-poms or ear flaps, there are thousands of choices for baby hats.

Keepsake Christmas Gifts to Preserve Memories of Infancy and Childhood

Parents want to remember every moment as their babies grow. Help them do this with these gifts.

Holiday gifts

Hand Print Keepsake Kits. Approximate retail price: $15. These kits come with non-toxic plaster which parents can use to forever preserve their babies hand or footprints. Many also come with materials to decorate and hang the memory once it is finished.
Gift certificate for photo sites. Parents can upload photos of their baby and use the certificate to have personalized photo books made.

Finding a great gift for a baby starts with determining what his or her parents might need. Consider gifts that entertain, clothing and keepsake presents.

How to Buy Cheap Christmas Presents For Children

Parents who are prepared to invest time will be able to find cheap Christmas presents for children. There are many inexpensive Christmas gifts available online, allowing shoppers to escape those long, unwelcome queues. All major high street stores have a web site offering discounted presents so it is more than possible to avoid unpaid credit card debt come January.

Charity Shops Offer Inexpensive Christmas Gifts

Look for deals in charity shops, especially children’s books, kids toys and children’s clothes. Wealthy people regularly have a clear-out prior to the festive season so it is worthwhile seeing if cheap Christmas presents for children can be unearthed. It is amazing how many Christmas bargains can be found, especially by those who shop early and beat the festive rush.

Find Cheap Christmas Presents for Children on ebay

There are thousands of affordable gifts available on eBay. Spend time sourcing items of interest and choose to ‘watch an item’; this will allow parents seeking inexpensive Christmas gifts to return at a point nearer the auctions conclusion. Always try to place a bid a minute before the auction is due to end. Any closer to the conclusion of the auction and the risk of being outbid is too great.

There are all sorts of cheap Christmas presents available on eBay, including TY beanie bears for 50p, for less than a pound. Families should take advantage of multi-buy deals and send these to friends who are dispersed across the country. It is a great way to pick-up a bargain and avoid unpaid credit card debt during the festive season.

Use a Cash Back Credit Card to Purchase Cheap Christmas Presents

Christmas presents

There is no harm in making extra cash when buying inexpensive Christmas gifts. There are a number of cashback credit cards that allow consumers to get up to 1% on all purchases. A small disclaimer is that a consumer should only spend what they can afford on Christmas bargains.

Chocolates are an Inexpensive Christmas Gift

Whilst they may not be the healthy choice, chocolates are a cheap Christmas present for children that will always be popular. Many of the large supermarket chains are offering huge tins of Quality Street for half price. The best deals can be picked-up at the many pound stores along the high street; the chocolates and sweet sold there make great stocking fillers.

Online Retailers Offer Heavily Discounted Christmas Presents For Children

There are discounts available for someone buying toys and clothes from online merchants. There will be no getting caught up in the shopping rush as it is possible to buy securely with a credit card. Provided that an order is placed 10 days prior to the festive season gifts should arrive in good time.

Use a Cash Back Web Site to Get Some Money Returned

Registering with one of the many cashback websites, such as Greasy Palm, which will entitle a person to payments from any online shops that the site registered with has a deal. Use a cashback credit card to pay for items; this will go a long way towards buying a few extra Christmas gifts for children.

Introducing a few of the above suggestions will help parents find cheap Christmas presents for children and avoid unpaid credit card debt. What’s more, finding a bargain can be very satisfying and rewarding.

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