How Long is Medium Length Hair in Emo Style

Most haircuts for Emo guys are medium hairstyles. Some guys like it longer and some shorter, but if the hair is too short you cannot do as much with it, and long hairstyles are hard to maintain overtime. Medium hairstyles provide the best of both worlds – more choices in styling, and easy to clean and create. With medium hairstyles, the hair on the back of the head should reach halfway down the neck, and the hair on top of the head should also be fairly long. The hair on the side of the head may be short or long depending on personal preference.

emo hairstyle

One important thing that Emo guys must do is grow the bangs very long. Emo hairstyles typically call for one side of the bangs to be shorter than the other. The bangs should be side swept so that they cover the forehead. This large bang will sometimes cover the eye, but sometimes just shades it instead. If the bang only shades the eye its called a wave. The best way to get bangs to remain in place is by using a flat iron to straighten the hair and force it into position, or the faster method is hair gel lightly applied to the bangs. Don’t use too much hair gel or the bangs will appear greasy.

emo hairstyle

Emo Spikes

A very common hairstyle for Emo guys is spikes. When an Emo guy is considering a spiked hairstyle he should remember that spikes can be placed however and wherever he likes, but generally spikes cover the entire head or are placed in a group at the front of the skull. The spikes are easy enough to create using hair gel. Small spikes are the current hairstyle trend, but larger spikes can provide more of a punk look if that’s desired. Forming the spikes even with a liberal amount of hair gel will take time, so Emo guys should make sure they start early.

short emo hairstyle

The Shabby Look

Currently a more popular Emo hairstyle for guys the shabby haircut is exactly what it says, messy. Taken from the punk look of the 80s, the shabby haircut is the simplest hairstyle ever created. The Emo guy simply has to grow his hair out so that the back and sides are long and messy. The front of the hair should be sleeked and pulled across the forehead. Some hair gel will help with the sleeking. Nothing else needs to be done for this Emo hairstyle.

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