Natural Protein As The Basis Of Healthy Nutrition

Natural Protein As The Basis Of Healthy Nutrition

Yoga has become a part of many people’s life. It’s not just a lifestyle, but also a philosophy and a way to keep one’s body toned. You can often hear yoga is one of the most fashionable forms of exercise, as well as it is possible to change your body shape with the help of given practice. However, yoga is not just a physical practice that, obviously, has a good effect on a person’s life, but also a healthy way of living.

Natural Protein And Its Benefits

If you are into Buddhist philosophy, are interested in yoga and its forms, including Hatha, Karma and Bhakti yoga, you will definitely wonder which diet you should choose in order to keep your mind and body pure, active, and healthy. Most of the Yogis quit eating meat, since the philosophy salutes nonviolence in all its forms. So how it is possible to replace meat and animal products, but still get enough amino acids and protein? Would superfoods, antioxidant food, vitamins and minerals help you on your journey to healthy living? Nowadays natural citizen protein has become a perfect alternative to meat; it is able to keep both your body and mind healthy.

Here are the benefits of natural protein:

  • it transports vitamins, lipids and mineral salts;
  • natural protein supports immune system, strengthening the body’s defenses;
  • it splits into amino acids in the digestive tract.

Researches remind of the fact that vegetarianism has a positive impact on health. Limiting consumption of meat and animal products increases lifespan, and reduces a risk of cancer and heart disease, the leading causes of death nowadays.

5 Products Rich In Protein

Natural Protein

Let’s consider natural products which can provide competition to meat. How can you replace animal protein?

  1. Soy (34 grams of protein). Soy is the best source of plant-based protein; it contains even more protein than meat. Most people switch to soy products realizing all their benefits. Soy butter is a perfect source of vitamin A, В1, В2, Р, РР, and lecithin essential for nerve tissues.
  2. Peanut (26 grams of protein). Peanut contains unique amino acids, vitamins A, D, E, В1, В2, РР, Е, biotin, vegetable oils, and other trace minerals. It contains around 26% of protein and has no cholesterol.
  3. Lentils (24 grams of protein). Lentil helps lower cholesterol, regulates sugar levels as well as provides beta carotene and folic acid.
  4. Kidney bean (22 grams of protein). Red beans contain a lot of the B group vitamins, especially vitamin B6 which is responsible for immune system, skin health and nervous system function. White beans contain calcium and magnesium, responsible for healthy teeth and strong bones.
  5. Almond (18 gram of protein). Nuts are perfect snack you can eat during the day: they are nutritious, healthy, and contain a lot of natural protein. Almond is a great source of calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, riboflavin and folic acid.

Protein powder is also a popular supplement and is often used by the Yogis. Such kind of supplement can be dissolved in water or soy milk. Protein powder provides energy, as well as helps build muscles, recover, and lose weight.

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