How to Learn Guitar and Play it in less than 10 Days?

Are you one of those who has been planning to learn guitar but just couldn’t make time or put an effort into it thinking that it takes a lot to be a musician and you don’t have it in you? Are you one of those who has a guitar piled up in your room but is too lazy and ignorant to pick it up and move some strings? This post is especially for those people who want to make their music, who are enthusiastic but are not able to. Before you think if this post is really for you, let me come up with some statements that might burst your assumptions false.

Learn Guitar

  1. You’re never too old to learn music.
  2. You don’t need exquisite music talent to learn guitar.
  3. You just have to be patient and curious enough to learn details about the instrument
  4. You can master the instrument by crossing the barriers, one step at a time.
  5. You can be more wrong thinking about all the above misconceptions, but in reality, guitar is one of those instruments that enlighten your mood and you investing time in it is a boon.

Playing guitar is nothing but teaching your fingers to be weird than the usual things they do. That’s all. Therefore, to be a beginner all you need is 10 hours of time where you can set yourself aside with the instrument and you can play some good songs in the mean time. Having said that, here are the 10 hours of “Learn Guitar” looks like.

How to Learn Guitar in 10 Hours?

#1 0-30 Minutes: Read this article carefully. Motivate yourself to start the method of learning guitar in an organized way.
#2 30-60 Minutes: Know the basic five steps initially. This is the hardest part of learning Guitar. You need to invest 30 minutes properly in remembering the chords and get the shapes properly. You can add or remove fingers based on your convenience but remember that you should sound the same.
#3 60-600 Minutes: Pick the Guitar every day and spend at least 30 minutes on it. This defines your learning period to 20 days if you can spend an hour; you can be done in 10 days. But don’t rush it and practice it relentlessly for 10 hours and fret over not being able to learn guitar properly. You can try watching TV, listening to music or talking with friends while moving your fingers over the fretboard. Start jamming and sing along so that you know how to keep the tempo. Once you’re able to change the chords; improve it and start listening to various CDs or YouTube instrumentals to excel at whatever you’re doing.

That being said, invest the 10 hours properly. In case if you want to sing a song for an event, someone’s birthday, some occasion; make sure that you practice the song rapidly and master it with perfect chords. Learning Guitar only takes a tad bit of patient and great deal of zeal and the for the output it delivers, every inch of both of them are worth.


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