Top 5 Sports Shoes for Running – List of Best Running Shoes

Even though Running seems alike, there is a great division among the runners especially among people who pick the shoes for either speed or comfort. The thinner and the firmer the midsole is, the faster a person can be. But, the thinner midsole will be hard on your feet when compared to the softer midsole which is more supportive and which makes your legs feel better. Based on this simple formula, most of the footwear are designed amidst the conflicting principles.

Best Sports Shoes

In case if you’re looking for 5 sports shoes or best running shoes, here’s a list that guides you.

#1 Nike Air Zoom Pegasus: It’s not easy to decide if this is a shoe suitable for everyone or a training sports shoe. However, it is light, soft with a pliant and that’s the reason that it has wooed all the fast runners across the world who have been looking for a tempo-ready and responsive shoe who have been looking for a heel oriented midsole. It was not only new but also customizable with the upper mesh. The Pegasus stands out as the best among the sports shoes because of the overlapping cable lattice that applies tension to keep the foot locked in a particular place, especially under heavy loads. If you’re a big runner, you should be careful while buying it as it is a bit under-structured.

Sports Shoes - Pegasus 32

#2 New Balance Wazee Pace: Are you a long runner? If yes, these sports shoes are amazing fit for you. They are light weight and are feathery. However, the Vazee has been one of the most impressive designs this year because of their incredibly responsive rides, longer runs, steady hauls, padded tongue, flexy counter, second skin. If you’re a less efficient runner or a heavy lander, this shoe provides you enough squish to balance the liabilities.

Sports Shoes - Vazee Pace

#3 Mizuno Wave Enigma 5: The Enigma is the high mileage sports shoes that you have been looking for which not only has good structure but has a forgiving heel with a heel oriented midsole. They are plain and easy to wear. The plastic plate inside the shoe gives a narrow fitting which is the reason behind the responsiveness and smoothness of the transition. The thick tongue, the snug fit, the stretchy laces is why you will want this during the sprint days.

Sports Shoes - Wave Enigma

#4 Adidas Supernova Sequence Boost 8: Like a blockbuster, the Sequence Boost is suitable for everyone. It has traditional outlook with traditional functionality, a combination of generous padding, structured upper, and a convenient midsole. The midsole is made of springy and soft material but if you’re a high sweating person, there is a possibility that it creates a damp which results in a sluggish run. Apart from that there is a bit of weight you have to carry if you’re looking for the utmost comfort among the sports shoes.

Sports Shoes - Adidas Supernova

#5 The North Face Ultra MT: Looking for a technical shoe? This shoe is like the DNA of the mountain. It has many tiny lugs in a loose turf combined with an outsole making you fit and safe. The firm heel and the thick console are enough to blunt the pain of long runs, heavy landings, and the thin forefoot is responsive on all kind of terrains. If you’re a beginner who is trying to gain control over running, these running shoes are what you need.

Sports Shoes - North Face Ultra MT

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