Land for Sale in Little Rock Arkansas To Build A Home


Arkansas Land for Sale in West Little Rock AR To Build A Home

There are various imperative factors to consider when buying land in Arkansas. There are multiple benefits that you get after making purposeful plans when purchasing a plot of land. It’s advisable to adhere to the following guidelines to avoid several problems that may arise during and after the sale.

Hiring land experts

Hire a trustworthy expert who can correctly appraise the land before buying it. The expert can confirm and give a rough estimate of the land cost as well as advanced improvement cost. When purchasing a residential lot or property, it’s vital to find an experienced and licensed real estate agent who can help to fill the contract, negotiate specialty clauses, and find construction lenders.

Budgeting for the land

After buying the land, one should determine a total budget. It’s crucial to have a prepared budget of building the structures on that piece of land, transportation of building materials as well as installation of power, water and sewer systems. It’s also necessary to consider payments of skilled artisans as they may have extra charges to compensate for driving costs.

Location of the land

In Arkansas, some places have proximity to commercial properties, sanctuaries, and other homes. These things help in making the right choice on where to build. If the land is for investment purposes, you might consider the surrounding area and estimate its future development.

Land boundaries

Determination of land boundaries when buying properties helps one in understanding where his property starts, and where it ends. In some areas of Arkansas, there might be natural resources that cross landlines making it difficult to know where the boundaries end. The Waterview Estates company can help you through this process. It’s prudent to have the title deed checked first by a land surveyor to clarify the land borders to avoid disputes.

Zoning the property

When buying the property in Arkansas, it is essential to research and contact the city planning department to find out how the land is zoned. This prevents one from making mistakes like building a house on the land zoned for commercial use, which might take time and money during the process of changing the zone. It is also advisable to ask about future zoning, and whether there are plans to improve the nearby land usage that can devalue your land later.

Financing for the land

Paying for the land using a local bank in Arkansas makes the process easier compared to using national banks. Local banks have more experience on the rules and regulation of the local area. Sometimes it is difficult for a buyer to find comparable sales when buying land and for this reason, before making an offer, he should obtain his appraisal to an appropriate price. Paying cash for the land purchase is common than getting a loan to serve the purpose. Bank can’t leverage a raw land, and therefore may not approve more than 50% of the purchase price not unless the property has access to more utility and roadway.

Access to utilities

It is vital for a buyer to consider utilities like power, network services, water, and sewer systems because they are necessary. It is, therefore, crucial to know how to access various utilities before completing the purchase of the property. It is imperative to derive ways of getting water by either digging a well or borehole or installing a propane tank or septic systems to connect waste from the house.


Some properties are located near game parks, which might disturb or endanger one’s life. Others might be located near the railway line, and this may make the one uncomfortable especially when the train is passing. Amenities like schools, local business, shopping, and recreational centers and activities can impact the value of the home.


Before buying land, it’s prudent for the solicitor to check and revise any restriction before signing any document. This helps in eliminating mistakes and restrictions dictating what should be built and what can’t be built on that piece of land.


A buyer should thoroughly examine the environment. For instance, one may check whether the soil is contaminated from previous use, or maybe the site is polluted by the harmful industrial chemicals. The property that is potential for flooding has poor soil condition and is prone to mudslides. It is better to get an environmental assessment before buying the parcel, especially when purchasing a vast land in a non-residential.

Site preparation in Arkansas Land for Sale in West Little Rock AR To Build A Home

Site preparation

When purchasing a land one should always consider a lot on site preparation. For instance, if the property is full of trees, or boulders to mounds and ditches. If there are no plans ahead, this preparation can slow down and drag out a construction project, which may cause a considerable increase in costs. This needs a good plan to get everything done before the building time.

Measurement/size of the land

The first thing one needs to focus on is the purpose of the home that helps one to understand the average size of plot for a home. Some lots are so thin or shapeless. For example, one may find a piece of land measuring 10 feet by 100 feet. The owner may decide to build a house or keep animals depending on the size of the area.


If a landowner wants to build a house on his land and is not financially stable, he may decide to take a mortgage from online lenders or the bank depending on the cost of his future home. There are several mortgage lenders in Arkansas; one is Arvest Bank, which is the best choice for home buyers seeking mortgages and experienced consultant. Arvest offers down payment credits to qualifying first-time buyers. Second is Quicken Loans, which lend to homeowners seeking to refinance their existing mortgage. It is efficient and fastest-growing lender in Arkansas among other lenders. The third is the Guaranteed Rate, which is an online lender and an excellent choice for borrowers with excellent credit score and home buyers who want to explore different loan types at affordable prices.

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