Understand Why AI To Remain Very Long, If Not Forever

This is high time for artificial intelligence (AI) to become the set of technology advancements that can solve those challenges where answers reside in data. The implications are to be highly valuable for mankind.

Why AI is going to stay long with us would be the biggest question for most of us.

Similar to what social network, cloud computing and mobile have done to mankind, AI too will be transforming one industry after another, and this is going to be for long-run, if not forever.

AI will be deeply integrated into fabric of software similar to what today’s applications are cloud-native. The tomorrow will be AI-driven. We already have fundamental AI components like APIs, frameworks, open source libraries and complete platforms. It helps non-expert developers in developing apps based on AI-native.

Surely the cost of efficiency will decrease and performance will improve with artificial intelligence.

Those who will deploy artificial intelligence is surely to get accelerating returns as the technology optimizes performance against pre-determined goals.

The predetermined goals here means the learned goals of the machine and accelerating returns of it means the gap will be high between those who fail to get with the program and those who implement it.

YouTube, Netflix, Pandora, Spotify and other such platforms will just become the best for us if those understand and learn our preferences. The AI will then become just too good to give up.

The AI is build up with the formation of positive feedback loop during testing, re-testing and returning to the systems that yields optimal experience for end users. The system will uncannily improve thereafter.

For people who are working in the AI industry the development is no big surprise. For them perfection is what matters. They have been working for past few years and one such name of product is Apple’s Siri.

However, for laymen as well as for public markets, the veil of AI was lifted just in past about one year. Not a single day has been passed in past 12 months when AI didn’t made headlines and if believed to media reports the work-in-progress and result-in-publication has been up by about 200 percent YoY. The most heard were breakthrough on benchmarks for speech, language and image classification.

The major acquisitions done were from the global corporate giants including Google, Microsoft, Baidu and Facebook. All are investing more and more on AI, the open-sourcing of machine learning frameworks.

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