Places to avoid the crowds when touring the United States

Places to avoid the crowds when touring the US

As everyone who lives in the USA knows, it is a pretty big place! Home to 50 states and a whole range of cultures and cuisines, undertaking a short tour around the country can be a real eye opener. If you decide to arrange a United States tour, finding some locations that are less crowded with tourists is always worthwhile. New Jersey is a great example of this idea in action – sandwiched between New York City and Philadelphia, it is less frantic and more relaxing. Don’t worry, there is still lots to do in NJ though – from discovering the best NJ sportsbooks for football online to hitting the many lively bars and restaurants; it is a great place.

But what other less crowded but enchanting places in the United States should be on your itinerary?

Napa Valley

 If you are headed towards the United States West Coast, then give the bustle of LA or San Francisco a miss. While they are great places, you will run into big crowds. For a much more laid back experience in this area of the country, try the Napa Valley. This is a great destination for wine lovers as the valley is home to many wineries which make great wines that you can sample. The Napa Valley area has some excellent resorts and gives you access to some stunning scenery to enjoy. Although there is a relaxed vibe and a quieter feel, there are still plenty of activities such as hot air balloon rides to check out.

Places to avoid the crowds when touring the US -Napa Valley

New Bern

 This stunning town is in North Carolina, on the banks of the Neuse River. Both beautiful and historical, it is a great place to spend time without being overloaded with other visitors. Interestingly, the main claim to fame of the entire town is being the birthplace of Pepsi! New Bern has lots to offer but remains pretty quiet all year due to the proximity of other, more popular destinations. From swimming or boating to enjoying a stroll around the pretty park, this is a great chillout spot. Culture vultures will also love the town’s architecture which really adds to the overall historical feel on offer.

Sanibel Island

 If you are thinking of going on a United States tour in the summer months, this island is a great pick. It does not get too busy at all so you will not run into big crowds. What may surprise you is that it sees more action in the winter months! The reason for its lack of summer crowds is mainly due to most people heading to nearby Fort Myers instead. Although a small place (it measures just 12 miles long), you will not get bored. There is a stunning beach to relax on with watersports on offer. The island also has some great gift shops and restaurants for post-beach activities. For the days when you want to do something totally different, there is a nature reserve on the island to explore.


 When most people head to Arizona, they go to see the Grand Canyon. While it is an awesome sight, it is not the best if you want to avoid crowds. If you want a more relaxed place to visit, why not consider Sedona? It also has some great scenery. As well as all the usual tasty restaurants and interesting shops, the town also holds regular yoga and vegan festivals. While you may think this would attract mass crowds, it does not get too busy and brings an added dimension to any stay there.


Places to avoid the crowds when touring the US -Fredericksburg

 Texas is a great state to call into when on your US tour but don’t settle for the big, crowded places like Austin or Dallas. Instead, call in on quaint Fredericksburg which is in central Texas. Originally settled by German immigrants, it has a beguiling mix of 19th century European architecture and a fabulous town square to spend time in. The surrounding region is prime wine country so there are some great wines to try. Although steeped in history, modern Fredericksburg has all you would expect from a travel destination in terms of shops, bars, accommodation and places to eat.

 Beat the crowds to have more fun

 There is a good reason that top cities and sights in the US get crowded – because they are worth seeing! However, standing in endless lines at attractions or to get a table for lunch can really take this magic away. To beat this and see the US in a different way on your tour, the above places are ideal for getting away and digging a little deeper into what the amazing country has to offer.

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