Four Digital Marketing Strategies That You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

Four Digital Marketing Strategies That You Shouldn’t Be Ignoring

Whether you run a small startup or are a marketing pro, there are some digital marketing basics that you simply cannot afford to ignore. When it comes to your marketing plan, a strong foundation is the key to success. With almost everything today being digital and more and more customers opting to both browse and shop online rather than in-store, digital marketing techniques are increasing in demand and necessity. These are some of the basic, essential digital marketing techniques that no marketing plan should ever leave out.

Social Media Marketing

Any award winning digital marketing agency will tell you that social media marketing is absolutely essential. Social media is becoming the heart of the internet, connecting people to people, businesses to businesses, people to businesses and so on. Using social media immediately exposes your business to millions of potential new customers through sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and you can use it to update your customers regularly about new products and services which may interest them along with information that they may find useful. With social media, options for sharing are vast, making it the internet’s answer to ‘word of mouth’. In short, satisfied and happy customers will share your social media profiles with their own friends and followers, generating more potential for new customers.


If your business doesn’t have a blog, then you should seriously consider starting one. There is a reason why the top digital marketing agency will offer content marketing as part of its strategy to market your site – content draws interest in by attracting readers, therefore generating traffic and subsequently more revenue. Content that is well-written and contains keywords relevant to your site can also land you a better position in the SERPS, giving your business an overall better chance of being found through Google searches.

Email Marketing

You might think that email marketing is a dying technique, but that’s actually far from the truth. Admittedly email marketing has gone downhill since everybody’s email inboxes started to fill with annoying, unwanted spam every day – but that in no way means that a well-thought out and engaging email marketing campaign can’t work well for marketing your business, products and services. The best method to use when conducting email marketing is to ensure that all your recipients have signed up to a mailing list. This way, they’ll be expecting your email – and it won’t just get thrown in the Junk folder.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is an extremely powerful component of digital marketing which you should definitely not overlook. Videos are becoming more and more popular online, especially with e-commerce stores as they allow any potential customers to get a better look at the products and have a greater understanding of how it will look and feel in their possession. Video reviews can also seem more authentic and provide a more engaging experience for a user when compared to reading a written review.

Which digital marketing strategies could you not go without? Let us know in the comments.

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