5 mistakes to avoid while building your first website

A websites reflects everything about an organization’s identity, ideology and what they serve. A perfect website helps boost your brand like no other. Creating an online presence can be extremely difficult as there are tonnes of things that one needs to keep in mind. As simple as websites may look, developing them is highly painstaking. And you don’t want to start off the wrong foot in the initial process. First thing that you need to do is to check out for good web development companies and select one that can give you what you want. Out of the multiple things that need to be kept in mind, there are these 5 things that one must not forget while building the first website. Keep these details in mind, and be sure to kiss half your worries goodbye.

 A Few Things You Should Keep in Mind

Make it responsive 5 mistakes to avoid while building your first website

1. Make it responsive: Gone are the days when people used to open their computers to look for information online. With everything that is now possible on your fingertips, people rarely open their computers, unless it is to work for long hours. Statistics show that those sites which are non-responsive have 40 per cent bounce rates. Therefore, while building a website, the first thing one needs to consider is whether it will fit properly on devices of all sizes, be it tablets, laptops, computers, smart-phones, I-Pads etc. People don’t usually have time to sit and read everything. As they are constantly on the move, they prefer looking up the websites on their phone. If the website is not compatible then rarely do the potential clients come back to the same site.Read this responsive web design article to learn more about it

Pro tip: If you have enough budget, you can have your own mobile app too. There are many mobile app development companies that can do the job for you.

2. Keep simple titles: While every website has different sections to it, it is easy to categorize them into small segments. While doing so, the usual segments are: Homepage, About the organization, Products, Services, Infrastructure, Contact information etc. Now, when you are building a new website it is obvious that you would want to make it creative. You may wish to use words that are creatively inclined, but on a personal note, refrain from making use of such words. If you are catering to a wider audience, not everyone will be able to decipher what you want to say.

Instead stick to easy and relatable words so that everyone can be on the same page. If your potential clients are unable to understand what you are trying to put across, then they might not show any interest further.

No confusing navigation Make it responsive 5 mistakes to avoid while building your first website

3. No confusing navigation:  As someone who has just stepped into the market, bear in mind that your communication needs to be crisp and clear. When someone visits your website, they do so to get a clear understanding of your products or services. It is good to keep it stylish and classy, but what one must avoid at all times is making navigation complex. While people visit your website they come with a view to get information on certain things. When they are not able to easily navigate through where they want to go, it becomes difficult to retain their attention and they might soon lose interest and get discouraged. Also, as much as possible, avoid putting more than 5-7 links on the navigation menus of your websites.

Balance between text and design 5 mistakes to avoid while building your first website

4. Balance between text and design: The website is the key to a company and whenever you sit down to plan how your website is going to be designed, it is essential to plan what goes where. A website must never be devoid of text and neither should it be filled with long essays. On the other hand, do not fill your website with graphics and designs. Your text must blend with your background and nothing must look like it’s overdone. Two things put people off when they visit a website. The first thing is text. If the website turns to be text-heavy, a potential will avoid coming back.

Since not everyone can invest time in reading long sentences, it is best to give out as much details in as little words as possible. Adhering to bullet points can also help you keep your text simple. The other thing is too many graphics. If you try to complicate things by adding excessive graphics, people will get irritated and leave nonetheless. Truly speaking, all you want is your website to look visually appealing. You do not want your potential clients leaving your website screaming in horror. Therefore try to keep it simple yet classy to attract everyone’s eyes.

5. Easy to load: If your site is going to take too long to load, people may not want to wait. This means that your competitors have a better chance at getting to them. A website that is easy to load and quick with responses attracts potential clients as they find speed and accuracy the qualities of a good service provider. As surprising as it may be, did you know that half of the visitors leave the website if it does not load in under 3 seconds. There are high chances of losing out on traffic due to a slow site. One way to increase the speed is to compress the images that have been uploaded. The other way is to go for a faster web host.

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