Meaningful Tools for Increasing Your Productivity in Office

Meaningful Tools for Increasing Your Productivity in Office

Despite the office work has plenty of obvious pros and cons, it often means loads of routine tasks. Therefore, more people are seeking ways to increase their productivity in the office. What does it mean to increase your productivity? First, it means doing your job faster without losing quality. Agree? All of us became the witnesses of emerging tools able to simplify our paperwork duties. For example, we use different software to share and edit documents with our colleagues with the means of online services. However, those who are doing more complex paper tasks on the daily basis should master their skills of working online. Here are the general ones, which will certainly help you to increase productivity in the office.

PDF Working Tools

People often use PDF because they retain the original content of the document. It often happens, that it is necessary to convert the file into another format, edit or split the content. However, if you do not have a licensed Adobe Acrobat on your PC, so you are able to use online software. There are plenty of online tools, which will offer the required services for a considerable price. Learn more about how to split pdf online here.

Cloud Storage Services

According to IBM forecasts, users and companies will continue to abandon cumbersome and expensive servers, choosing to store their files on cloud services instead. The variety of available online storage services makes the choice more comprehensive. Cloud storage services offer free space with reliable data protection. For example, Google Disk gives 15 GB of free space, while famous Dropbox Business allows you to use a corporate account for collaboration and provides unlimited space for a personal account.

Perfect Presentation

Perfect Presentation- Productvity

 Presentations are a powerful tool that helps to sell products, ideas, knowledge, and experience. However, attracting attention, getting interested and convince the audience is becoming more and more difficult. No one will surprise anyone with the beautiful slides made in the classic PowerPoint. Prezi is the trendy cloud service in Europe, which offer interesting solutions for content visualization through vector graphics, stylish samples, and patterns that will make lively presentations. As an alternative to PowerPoint, you can use Apple Keynotes or Google Docs, which truly became the main rivals for PPT.

Text Editors

Text editors allow you to view the contents of text files and perform various actions on them – inserting, deleting and copying text, contextual searching and replacement, printing, and so on. However, Microsoft Word is one of the most suitable text editors as it offers typing and editing texts with use of different fonts and styles, changing the color of the text, format the documents, insert images, links, tables, diagrams, formulas, footnotes, etc. As an online alternative, you can try LibreOffice Writer or Google Docs, which dispose the same functions.

Finally, being an effective office employee means following the trends of office software. It will certainly bring you a competitive advantage while applying for a job or asking for a promotion.

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  • Joanmir

    The productivity in the office depends of multiple factors, one of they, the tools that we use. the tools raised in the post are simple and powerful. important choose these tools according audience and strategy.

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