Why You Need An Android Application For Your Business

Why You Need An Android Application For Your Business

App development has substantially grown in demand. Unique applications are making their way to both our desktop systems and smartphones. With a number of Integrated Development Environment (IDEs) available for young developers, app development has become easier than ever. More people are starting to develop their own applications by gaining information from the web.

This has paved the way for many new businesses and young entrepreneurs to rise in the digital world.

Market Share Why You Need An Android Application For Your Business

Market Share

Android app development is unarguably one of the most lucrative and profitable field for developers as well as business owners. Android app development combines the features of full-scale desktop applications to a more compact screen, allowing for the same features to run in an Android-based smartphone. This offers the use ease-of-access and increased usage of the features. Moreover, Android is currently the most widely used OS and holds a market share of a whopping 76.03%!

This is partly due to the fact that Android is an open-source platform and offers a wide variety of APIs to developers. These APIs can be used by developers to create their own applications and implement various functions in them with ease. Android also has the largest app store available, the Play store, for users to easily download any applications.

With an increase in the availability and usage of smartphones, business owners have also been pushed to make smaller, more compact versions of their desktop applications. With the use of Android development tools and the right mobile app agency, it is possible to make an interactive, functional and profitable mobile application that can bring in more customers to any business.

Android applications are full written in Java, and anyone well-versed with the language can easily create applications in it. C or C++ can also be used in the Android Studio for the development, though it is not recommended to use these.

For new and small businesses, android applications provide them with a way to reach a larger audience. People from all over the world use their smartphone for multiple purposes and have hundreds of apps on their phone at a time. Applications can become a great way of marketing and offering features to the users. Apps make the services and the business much more accessible. Moreover, you can develop a number of different types of applications without investing much.

play store Why You Need An Android Application For Your Business


There are a number of reasons why having an android application can be crucial to your business. Through the app store, a wide variety of people can download and access your applications and its features. You can advertise the application and people can download the app anywhere from the world and take a look at your services. If you provide a paid service, an android app can help you deliver trial of the same service through a user’s smartphone.

  1. As mentioned before, play store is the largest app store in the world. A large amount of people regularly download apps from the store. By having your app in the play store, you are offering your app to thousands of users.
  2. Being present on the play store means that you are following Google’s policy and have a trustworthy application.
  3. By having your application on the play store, you can easily push forward update to all the users that have installed your applications. They will also receive a notification on their smartphones that an update is available for the application.
  4. The Android Software Development Kit (SDK) provides an easy way for developers to develop applications that are play store-policy ready.

A good android application can help you kick-start your business and gain a large amount of potential customers. It can help you provide the right services at the user’s convenience, anywhere at any given time.

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    The market for Android mobile apps is flourishing day by day has seen a massive growth since the launch of platform in 2008. If your business does not have a mobile app, then it’s high time to get it developed.

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