Do’s and Don’ts for Writing Guest Blog Post

Writing Guest Blog Post

Guesting posting can be an excellent opportunity to put yourself in front of a big audience, especially in the era of social media. Despite that, most of the people doing it are not able to leverage its entire potential, because they miss a few essential key aspects required for professional guest posting, or they make some nasty mistakes, which make people dislike their content.

In order to help you create better guest blog posts, today we will talk about two do’s and two don’ts which if followed correctly, will help you create a better picture of yourself and business you own.

Prove that you are professional

Although the primary goal of guest posting is to create fresh content to market products or services, whether directly or indirectly, the first thing to do is to make sure that the audience you are reaching understands that you are good at what you are doing, an authority in that specific field or niche you’re writing about. In other words, you can provide them with valuable information which will eventually solve some of their problems.

Use backlinks

No matter how long the post will be, it will be impossible to include all the valuable information necessary, not to mention that you might bore the audience with a lengthy post. If the blog allows you, including backlinks to your own website can be an effective way to send traffic to it and also let people know about other interesting articles you’ve written in the past.

guest posting

There’s also a good and kind practice to also include an internal link (or a few links, but not too much, 1-3 are enough), to create some cohesiveness between your post and other articles available on the blog you are guest posting on.

Don’t write solely about your business   

Eventually, you have to discuss at some point or another about your business, product or service you’re promoting, because that’s your main goal – to make people know about what you are doing. Still, advertising has to be done in a professional matter (like in platforms such as, and that is why it’s best to give some valuable information to the audience alongside with briefly (yes, keep it short and to the point, don’t make it too long or too promotional) describing your business, product, or service.

Don’t put your business in the first place

Keep in mind that the success of your business depends on your ability to solve specific problems to those in need. You must continuously think how you can serve your customers better, how you can improve what you are offering, and what is the added value provided in your products or services. Guest posting is about letting people know how good you know how to do that, even though you’re maybe not so notorious or famous (just yet).


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