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Yoga is spiritual care; improves artery health, arthritis too

People who are unfamiliar with the practice of spiritual care of yoga may believe that it’s merely a bunch of stretching exercises, when in reality, it’s a whole lot more. Yoga can clear the mind, improve one’s health, aid in healing, and open the door for deeper spirituality and divine connection. It is a complete spiritual care.

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Yoga spiritual care is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world. For people who are looking to get away from over the counter drugs, yoga offers an alternative with its holistic approach to health. In addition, yoga can be practiced by people of any religious denomination.

Yoga spiritual care – exercise and asanas

Yoga spiritual care is meant to create a form of both physical and mental balance within an individual. By having balance, energy can flow more freely throughout the body. When practicing Yoga, a person uses different asanas, which are physical positions.

Asanas make you more aware of your body, thus adding to the mind and body connection. They stretch the muscles, aid in the blood’s circulation, and improve flexibility. In addition, an asana allows the body to have proper posture for meditation. By keeping the body strong and allowing the energy to flow, it prepares the mind to meditate.

Mind healing with yoga spiritual care

Ever notice that the first thing someone is told when highly upset is to calm down and take a deep breath? Long, deep breaths have a calming influence both on the body and the mind. Prana is the practice of breathing with breath control. Long, deep breaths settle and relax the body, while allowing chi, (energy or life force,) to flow.

Proper yogic breathing prepares the body for meditation. It also helps to flush waste products out of the body, which in turn keeps the body healthier. Deep breathing stills the mind, increases alertness and reduces stress. Calming the body helps to calm the mind.

Yoga spiritual care and meditation

Once the body has been stretched and the mind has been calmed, a person is ready to meditate. During meditation, further healing can be done while in a meditative state. Additionally, with the stillness of the mind and body, practitioners can meditate on a deeper level to achieve inner peace and connect with their subconscious mind.

The word “yoga” means “unity” and practicing yoga brings a person together emotionally, physically and mentally. By creating a good energy flow throughout the body and relaxing the mind, yoga can bring a person better health and allow them to connect to a higher consciousness.

Yoga spiritual care may bring to mind images of people holding seemingly impossible pretzel poses. But this form of exercise and meditation is about far more than flexibility. The word “yoga” is derived from the Sanskrit word yog which means “union.” The practice of yoga is meant to be a harmonious union of the body and mind to help achieve a calm and peaceful state of being.

A traditional form of exercise and meditation

Yoga is system of exercises that promotes strength, flexibility and gentle endurance. It has gained an immense surge of popularity in the West and has become a mainstay in exercise, meditation, stress-relief, health programs, and even physiotherapy regiments.

Yoga spiritual care is rooted in the Indus valley civilization of South Asia over 5000 years ago. The ancient wisdom of yoga was often a solitary study in forests, where teachers passed knowledge of asanas or poses and breathing techniques to students. Today’s practice of yoga has come a long way from these earlier masters and today there are many spin-off forms of the practice.

Yoga relies on the body’s ability to move through a series of poses that require concentration and stability and, in the process, helps to stretch, strengthen and tone the muscles. Over time, people who practice yoga notice physical, mental, and even spiritual benefits. For many people yoga provides stress relief and allows time for relaxation and meditation. It helps to focus on the body and appreciate its joints and movements, as the mind calms and fortifies itself through meditation, prayer and positive thinking.

Yoga decreases arthritis pain and improves asthma, osteoporosis and lupus

There are many varying forms and skill-set levels of yoga, making this a suitable form of exercise for the young and old, experienced and inexperienced, the athlete and the couch. Individuals with painful and disabling conditions such as rheumatism, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, asthma and lupus can also benefit from the increased muscle strength and flexibility, and endurance through yoga.

In the treatment of osteoporosis, a condition that decreases the density of the bones, a combination of diet, supplements and weight-bearing exercises are beneficial. Because some poses in yoga exercises bear the weight of the body, it is low-impact and less strenuous than other forms of exercise. Hence yoga is also perfect for people who are unable to jog, run, or perform other kinds of high impact full body conditioning exercises.

Yoga spiritual care methods have also been designed and incorporated into exercise plans for pregnant women. Stretching and toning muscles and practicing breathing techniques can help expectant mothers prepare for labor. For new mothers, yoga is an excellent way to relieve stress, banish the blues, increase energy levels and even bond with their babies in mother and baby yoga poses. Many women enjoy yoga because it is relieves tension builds elegant lean muscle strength, without bulking up.

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