Best Crafty Guides: Path Of Exile Golem Build

Golem builds in Path of Exile are reliable and balanced. Boasting impressive defense and utility, they ain’t too shabby when it comes to offense either. So it’s no surprise that they’re quite popular to players who have enough prowess to handle well-off characters. The new league, Synthesis, didn’t make these facts any less true, so it’s still just as viable. If you want to make a Golem build exile, here are two examples you can choose from.


What’s Up, Witches?

Before we start, do note that ascendancy classes make the best base for golem builds thanks to their passives. But that doesn’t mean that other classes can’t have golem builds or won’t have a build that can be just as good. However, if you want a golem build for those classes, you’ll have to either go someplace else or come up with it yourself.

As for the three witch ascendancy classes, each one has its own pros and cons in relation to golemancy. Arguably, necromancer is the best overall ascendancy class for the build, and elementalist is ideal if you want to be more on the offensive side.


All About the Elements

There are lots of golem builds, but for now, we’ll focus on two: the Flame Golem and the Primordial Chain Ice Golem. For the former, aside from the typical high praises for damage output and survivability, it can also be effective even with cheap gear. That means you can save up on POE currency. As for its drawbacks, it’s a rather inactive play style, and you need a good chunk of knowledge when it comes to minion/summon oriented builds. Other than that, it’s all good!

Ideally, the Flame Golem skill gem should be at level 28, and level 23 at the very least. And to further increase your survivability, you should get Rareheadgear and gloves that boost energy shield, and have Victario’s Charity (Unique Shield).

As for the Primordial Chain Ice Golem, it’s among those that have the highest DPS—if not the most. Aside from that, despite the name, it’s not only limited to Ice Golem. With this build, you can also have other golems such as Stone Golem, Chaos Golem, and Lightning Golem. This diverse set of golems not only provides much DPS, it also gives you considerable elemental resistance, as the golems will be the one to do it for you.

Despite the name, the most important item for this build isn’t the Ice Golem, but the Primordial Chain. In exchange for reduced golem size, life, and damage, as well as not being able to summon anything other than golems, you get three extra golem summons, and your golem gets increased movement speed.


Shared Similarities

For both builds, focus on the important prismatic jewels, you need four Anima Stones and one Primordial Might. One piece of the former makes your Flame Golem spell, while the succeeding three will give you another one. And since we’re already talking about getting more golems, you need to have a Clayshaper(Unique Mace) as your weapon, as it grants you an extra golem. It can be quite tough to get, so you might have to rely on POE Currency Trading to get one.

With the prismatic jewels and your main weapon, you’ll have four golems in total. That should be more than enough to give you not only good offensive potential, but also a lot of damage sponges.

As for the Primordial Might, this will make your golems more aggressive, in turn upping your DPS. Last but definitely not least, you also need Primordial Harmonies. This will ensure that your golem’s spells have shorter cooldown periods, further boosting attack capabilities, which in turnshortens your clear time.

Golem builds are all about being a simple and effective one-man or (since it’s mostly witch-oriented) one-woman army. Whether you choose between these two, it’s also important to research others, or make one of your own.

One thing’s for sure: you won’t have a problem with what the game will throw at you.

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