Third eye creativity chakra aromatherapy

The third-eye creativity chakra, sometimes called the brow creativity chakra, is located just above the bridge of the nose, forming a triangle with eyes. This influential creativity chakra point can sometimes be referred to as the forehead creativity chakra, or simply, the sixth creativity chakra.

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The “third eye” concept comes from the intuitive aspect of this energy, thought to have connections to a sixth sense and transcendental thought.

Those who study chakras know that when a single chakra is not balanced that over-activity or blockage can manifest itself as physical symptoms. For the brow chakra, these can include headaches, sinus problems, colds, problems with the eyes and ears, neurological disorders and mental illnesses.

Brow Creativity Chakra Therapy

For some people, using chakra colores therapy for the third eye can offer welcome relief and help alleviate physical symptoms such as those mentioned above. Aromatherapy is one of the simplest methods to help stimulate the forehead chakra colores, remove blockages and improve well being.


Using essential oils can help balance third eye chakra energies. Different sources will give suggestions for different scents for the forehead chakra colores, which can include lemongrass, violet, patchouli, myrrh and frankincense. It is important to choose a fragrance you enjoy and find engaging.

Once the appropriate scent has been chosen, be sure to purchase from a reputable source for quality oil. Purchase an essential oil and not a “scented” oil, which is usually a combination of a carrier oil and an essential oil.

Forehead Chakra Colores Aromatherapy Methods

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Diffusion: Place a few drops of oil in an oil lamp, in an oil diffuser, or rub oil directly on a scentless candle, such as a tea light, and allow the fragrance to fill the room. If traveling or away from home, place a few drops of oil on a piece of fabric or a small clay diffuser.

Aromatherapy Massage: Use a drop of the essential oil and mix it with a carrier oil or cream, such as almond oil. Be sure to test the mixture before applying, to avoid irritating the eyes. Massage the oil mixture in the center of the forehead, using the index and middle fingers.

Aromatherapy Bath: Infuse bathwater with 8 to 10 drops of the essential oil of your choice for third-eye chakra colores aromatherapy. Take this aromatherapy bath at least three times during a one-week period of third-eye chakra therapy.

Aromatherapy is just one method for administering third eye chakra breathing therapy, and can be used in conjunction with gemstone therapy, healing with plants, affirmations and energy massages.

Functions and Dysfunctions of the Sixth Chakra

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Each energy centre interacts with different levels of the mind, body and spirit. Taking time to learn about the chakras’ functions, students enter into relationship with the complex nature of human being.

Discovering the Brow Chakra

The chakra breathing system offers the mind and body a tool with which to communicate.

Ajna is the Sanskrit word for ‘command’. The brow chakra is the sixth main energy centre. While the fifth chakra introduces us to the realms of communication and will, the brow energy centre rules mental activity, clairvoyance and vision.

Fundamentals of the Brow Chakra
Name: brow chakra/third eye
Element: ether
Sanskrit name: ajna
Colour: indigo, (though traditionally white)
Archetype: intuitive, psychic, hermit, seer (positive)/intellectual, rationalist (negative)
Position in the body: located in the centre of the forehead, a little lower to the eye brows on most people
Associated endocrine gland: hypothalamus

Physiological form and functions: pituitary gland, hormones that regulate the activity and level of function in the various endocrine glands throughout the body, part of cerebral cortex, eyes, ears, middle brain, autonomic nervous system and intellectual functioning

Emotional or spiritual functions: ability to see one’s life clearly, intuition, inner vision, use of the mind/intellect, clairvoyance

Linked to: mental functioning, thought processes, the ability to see our life’s patterns (both positive and negative), the energy of rational thought

Affirmations: I open myself to my deepest intuition and knowing. I trust that a reason beyond my understanding is always at work.

Asanas: child’s pose and meditation work to respectively soothe and stimulate the brow chakra

Gifts connected to the brow chakra: wisdom and optimism
Level of relationship: relationship to knowledge, wisdom and vision

Identification of weak brow chakra: cataracts and eye diseases, headaches, progressive blindness, deafness from progressive deterioration of the nerves of the ear, neurological disorders

Negative thinking traits: The third eye governs all belief systems. Any belief system that has gone past its used by date and is still being used needs to be tossed aside. Ideas that hurt and hinder our growth need to be weeded out. Keeping open minded helps people to see the limits in their thinking processes. Often, understanding that being ‘wrong’ is a helpful tool. It shows that the belief system is outdated and growing beyond what is already known. This can be scary for some people, but it’s growth and change and this is what keeps humans alive and creative.

Questions to help chakra breathing consciousness:

‘What is it that I am stopping myself from seeing or hearing?’
‘What is it that I’m afraid of knowing?’

Special Note on the Brow Chakra

Belief systems are part of the process of growing up in a particular family or in a particular culture. Today, more than ever before, people can begin to decide what they are going to believe in. This can create confusion as the choices are limitless. Sometimes it is easier to stick with the known rather than break out into new territory.

It’s important to remember that a belief is the filter one holds over their experiences. New opportunities cannot reach past the filter. Only what fits through the filter is admitted as ‘right’ and ‘real’. The question is ‘what do you believe in and does it serve your highest good?’

As with the brow chakra, all of the seven major chakras of the human body hold secrets of personal development. Understanding and utilizing the system can help students overcome negativity and develop strong, vibrant and harmonic lives.

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