Yoga for each chakra, hara chakra and white chakra

Hara chakra and white chakra – Yoga is growing fast as a popular addition to regular exercise routines. Yoga is great workout, but many people do not know about its ancient roots in holistic medicine and Hindu meditation. The practice was originally used to develop and balance the body’s energy centers, called chakras.

Yoga for each chakra, hara chakra and white chakra

Yogic stimulation of the body’s seven chakras helps us process different kinds of energy.


The root chakra is red in color, and is located at the base of the spine. This chakra processes our sense of survival and our connection with nature and the earth. The yoga posture “bridge” helps to stimulate this chakra. Holding this posture also strengthens the muscles in your abdomen and thighs.

Gender Center

The second chakra is located just above the genitals, and it is orange in color. This chakra helps us process sensual energy and creativity. The yoga posture “cobra” helps to stimulate this chakra. A fully functioning second chakra creates a sense of emotional well-being.

Solar Plexus

The third chakra, called the “lustrous gem,” is located at the solar plexus. This yellow chakra balances our own will power, and the power we have others. This chakra can be stimulated using the “bow” posture. Exercising the third chakra gives us an understanding of our place in the world.

Heart Center

The fourth chakra is hara chakra. It is home to our love, and it is predictable located over the heart. This hara chakra helps us integrate our personal love with universal love. The yoga pose “camel” aids the energy of hara chakra. True love from the hara chakra feels like joyous acceptance.

Throat Center

The fifth chakra is blue, and it rests over our throat. This chakra incorporates our listening and speaking skills. It helps us absorb and communicate wisdom. The “fish” posture is a great pose for regulating this chakra. A strong throat chakra appreciates both noise and silence.


The third-eye chakra is deep blue or purple in color, and it is located in the middle of the forehead. This chakra controls our perception of the past and our feeling about the future. The seated “yoga mudra” posture helps to stimulate this chakra to give confidence in your life path.

hara chakra


The seventh chakra is white chakra. It is called the crown and is seen as white or purple. The white chakra connects your individual consciousness to the collective consciousness. Meditation is the best way to stimulate this white chakra. Try a calming, seated meditation after each vigorous yoga workout.

Crystal Therapy

Crystal healing is a powerful yet gentle holistic therapy that works on all levels of the body, mind and spirit. Crystals are arranged in particular layouts using colour therapy and sacred geometry principles.

Crystal Therapy as Vibrational Medicine

Crystal therapy works on the premise that everything is vibration. Imagine your body as an orchestra, with all the different organs and parts represented by instruments. The orchestra should be playing in perfect harmony. When illness, stress and emotional problems disrupt this harmony, crystals act as a ‘tuning fork’ to bring one back into balance. As Sue and Simon Lilly put it in ‘Crystal Doorways’ (Capall Bann Publishing, 1997), ‘Crystals reflect the basic harmonies of matter’.

Healing Using Sacred Geometry Crystal Layouts

A crystal therapist uses layouts to bring healing by positioning the crystals in a particular way, often inspired by sacred geometry. Various layouts are discussed in the Lillys’ book and in Melody’s ‘Love is in the Earth: Laying on of Stones’ (Earth-Love Publishing House, 1995). Layouts work on specific chakras and parts of the body, or on increasing qualities like confidence and contentment. A crystal therapist may use a pendulum to decide which crystals to use and where to place them.

Crystal therapy is a deeply relaxing experience that helps to release stress. For example, the ‘Seal of Solomon’ layout uses clear quartz crystals to first release negative energy, then bring in positive energy. For information on how to use crystals for healing at home, see Gemstone Magic and Crystal Healing.

A Typical Crystal Healing Session

white chakra

A session looks something like this: You lie down on a massage bed and are led through a relaxing visualization, for example of the ocean. As you relax and let go, the crystal therapist will attune to your energy and sense the state of your energy body. This can be done by using a pendulum to dowse for balance or imbalance, or simply by sensing with the hands.

The therapist will then lay particular crystals on and around your body, activating them with a crystal wand. You might experience a range of sensations and emotions. A healing crisis can even occur, when a lot of negative energy is released. If this happens, the therapist will assist you to move through it. Or, you may not be aware of what is happening until later. You may pass into a deep, even sleepy, state of relaxation.

As you move through different layouts, the therapist will continue to sense your energy field. After some time you will be guided back into an awareness of your physical body. A good crystal therapist will be able to advise on crystals you can use at home, and how to continue your healing process. To find a registered crystal therapist, see The Affiliation of Crystal Healing Organisations.

Crystal Nets and Colour

Crystals are strongly linked with colour, which is a form of light vibration. Using crystal nets is a powerful way to combine crystals and colour. Crystal nets, discussed in the Lillys’ book, are designed to ‘catch’ different energies, for example the energy of the Sun, Water, or Christ Consciousness.

The person receiving the treatment is placed on a cloth of a particular colour which is in harmony with, and enhances the use of, the crystals used in the layout. Lighting colourful candles and using particular oils can all add to the experience.

Just as the emotions and spirit cannot be separated from the physical body, so the body of humanity cannot be separated from the body of the earth, says Joy Gardner in ‘Color and Crystals: A Journey Through the Chakras’ (The Crossing Press, 1988). Crystals, which have developed in the earth’s core, are a wonderful, gentle but powerful tool for actualizing our potential and releasing blockages on the journey to wellness.

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