Your Routine Audiobook Apps to Keep You Entertained

audiobook Your Routine Audiobook Apps to Keep You Entertained

I’ve recently gotten into audiobooks after a friend told me she listened to them both to and from work as a way to make the drive more entertaining. I commute at least an hour a day, so I thought this would be great for me to try as well. Unfortunately, it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be to find the best of the best apps to listen to my favorite books with. Even with searching reviews, it was hard to narrow down what apps people recommended the most and if that app really was the best.

I was actually considering giving up on the whole thing altogether when I came across a website that uses a unique algorithm to compile a list of the top apps – the best of the best – in a whole array of categories; one of them being audiobooks.

Great Audiobook Apps

This was exactly what I was looking for: a straightforward answer to my question. I started testing some of the apps right away and I am pleased to report that I’ve found some real winners. In fact, I enjoyed my experience with all of them so much, that I decided to categorize my favorites to hopefully make it easier for you (or perhaps someone you know who is looking for an audiobook app) to find the perfect one.

1. Free Audiobooks

Quickly find free audiobooks from top authors worldwide with thousands of English classics right at your fingertips. Access books from more than 30,000 libraries around the world without ever leaving the comfort of your own home and with absolutely no late fees.

Apps: Oodles, OverDrive

oodles Your Routine Audiobook Apps to Keep You Entertained


With Oodles, the audiobook collection focuses exclusively on beloved, classic works of English literature from famous authors. There aren’t any fees or subscriptions, which means you can listen to thousands of audiobooks at no cost to you. Plus, you can personalize your reading experience by customizing the style and background of your book choice. Just keep in mind that Oodles does contain ads; this is why you’re able to listen without paying.

overdrive Your Routine Audiobook Apps to Keep You Entertained

OverDrive gives you access books from over 30,000 libraries around the world right on your phone. You can find e-books and videos on nearly every topic and genre. Not to mention, you can sync your local library, bookmark pages, and tag where you left off on all your devices which means you can enjoy your audiobooks anywhere. However, know that OverDrive does set a time limit for how long you can hold onto an e-book or audiobook before you must return it – just like an actual library.

2. New Releases

Find audiobooks and the latest news, trends, events, original content and more. You and your kids will be entertained for hours. Listen to a non-stop stream of your favorite books – perfect for flights, long drives, and commutes.

Apps: Audible, Epic!,

Audible Your Routine Audiobook Apps to Keep You Entertained

Audible is awesome because it offers Grammy-award winning audiobooks from top authors like Stephen King, Kevin Hart, and Andy Weir. The content is constantly being updated with new releases so there’s always a great new book to enjoy. You can also download audiobooks to your phone for listening you can take offline. Just note that, like on any audiobook platform, you may come across a voice actor you’re not a fan of, so you’ll probably want to avoid those books.


Epic! Is excellent for children because it has over 25,000 audiobooks for ages 12 years and under. There are thousands of fiction and non-fiction titles so you can easily find books your kids will love reading and listening to. You can also create a customized profile for each of your children so they can receive personalized recommendations for new stories. Although Epic! has an audiobooks category for kids older than 12, the selection is quite limited, so you may want to consider upgrading them to a different audiobook platform at that point.

Audiobooks Your Routine Audiobook Apps to Keep You Entertained has an intense library of more than 100,000 audiobooks across all genres. Not only will you find classics and bestsellers, but you will also have access to tons of new releases with new audiobooks that are added each day. You can listen to a non-stop stream of your favorite books without ever having to hit “play.” I would just like to note that’s interface isn’t quite as intuitive as some of the other apps on this list.


I’ve been really enjoying listening to various audiobooks on my drive to and from work. I’ve also gotten my husband hooked on listening to them as well when we’re relaxing at home; it’s been a really fun way to spend more time together doing something we both enjoy.

If you’re interested in trying an audiobook app or you’re plenty experienced with them but want to change things up a bit, I highly, highly recommend you check out any one of these awesome apps.


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