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Commemorating special occasions with special present

pecial occasions with special present

The only thing that’s truly omni-present in life is change and we like to commemorate major changes in our lives with special present. For the receiver they are a sign of care from those close to him or her, but for the giver, the process of getting an idea on what to get can be a nightmare.

Well, no more! We are going to list our top picks for each major life change and you can use this “cheat sheet” to truly shine at the next big occasion.


Probably the most special day in a woman’s life. This is truly an occasion that is deserving of a special gift. That is why it also has its own term. It’s called a “push present” or a “push gift”.

It is usually presented to the new mom by her partner, but can also be given by a relative or friend. Even the NEW in NEW mom is not necessary. It’s always nice to get gifts, so you can give a push present to a woman, even if it’s not her first time in the delivery room.

But what to get? It has to be everlasting, pretty and symbolic of the new child. The answer presents itself… JEWELRY! More accurately, birthstone jewelry makes for a perfect push present. It can symbolize the birth month of the baby and the birth month of the mom or both. You can even add dad to the mix or add additional birthstones, if the family expands. It has a deep symbolic meaning, it’s going to last forever and it’s luxurious as well.

Birthdays special occasions with special presentBirthdays

Tricky… birthdays are so different depending on the person celebrating, that it’s nearly impossible to find a gifting solution that is evergreen and universal, but… I think we found it! It actually presents itself, but you will need to invest some time. It’s also very basic. What do you want from a birthday gift? Something that shows you care, something everyone likes and something that is actually appropriate… drumroll please… it’s CAKE! But not just any old cake, it’s a homemade cake.

EVERYBODY LIKES CAKE! By investing your time, you show you CARE and nothing say birthday like cake, so it’s super APPROPRIATE. Fits all three criteria.

Need a recipe? Here are some good cake recipes.


Ah, the happiest of occasions. The celebration of two people joining their lives forever in the holiest of matrimonies. But what to get them? Well, luckily, it’s pretty common that the happy couple picks their own gifts beforehand and you just pick something from the registry. But what, if they don’t register gifts? We’ll then you’re on your own!

If you want a special present that will take the couples breath away, you’ll need something meaningful and deep. Something that symbolizes their love, but also symbolizes the decision they just made. You have to look at it like this… They just made a huge commitment and started a life together. They started something that will grow and blossom as they get older. It will spring fruit in the form of their children. Does it remind you of anything?

A TREE. It might seem like a dumb gift all on its own, but if you pair it with a nice letter or even a poem explaining that it symbolizes how their marriage is going to grow and become stronger and blossom, they will surly see the nice thought that went behind the gift.

The only real issue here is that, if they are going to live in a condo or apartment, they won’t have anywhere to put it, but there’s a solution for that as well. They can plant it somewhere nice or somewhere that bears a special meaning to them. That way they instantly get a trip destination that they can visit for the rest of their lives and remember their happy day.

New job special occasions with special presentNew job

With gifts commemorating a new job it’s always tough, since getting a new job can mean a downgrade or an upgrade, depending on if/how someone left their old position.

So what are the criteria on a good gift for a new job? It has to be light-hearted, it has to have something to do with work and it has to also be at least kinda practical. As with the other occasions, we found the perfect solution.

A PICTURE FRAME. Everyone wants to be home rather than at work, that’s why we always tend to put little memorabilia that reminds us of home or a picture of loved ones on our desk. A picture frame is perfect as it symbolizes this perfectly, they can actually use it to take a picture with them to work (the actual version of the frame should be work appropriate) and it’s light, you can even regard it as a joke gift, depending on the person.

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