Ideal Campus Life: How It Looks Like

Ideal Campus Life: How It Looks Like

Most of your college memories won’t be related to the endless hours spent in the library, but your life on campus. Thus, when choosing a school, you have to consider the activities you’ll be involved in outside the classroom as well as its location and curriculum. Becoming a part of your college community will influence your mood, academic results, and leisure, so why not prepare to ideal campus life in advance?

We collected a free list of activities for you to gain a unique student experience starting from the first day onboard.

Discover all the possible options Ideal Campus Life: How It Looks Like

Discover all the possible options

When you’re the only person from your local community entering a particular college, you might feel confused during your first days and even weeks. We all need some time for adaptation, but remember that this process mainly depends on you. Don’t be afraid to start a small talk with strangers – the more people you know, the more options for spending your leisure time you’ll get. Cross out every recommendation as soon as you followed it!

  • Talk to your roommates;
  • Talk to your classmates;
  • Subscribe to the college newsletter;
  • Find your college profiles on Instagram and Facebook;
  • Follow the Instagram profiles of all the people you talk to;
  • Ask questions for starting a conversation (even though you may know the answer);
  • Visit the local cafes, libraries, gyms, and music halls – ask people about these facilities and upcoming events;
  • Explore your college website and simply google your uni for getting more info from the news.

Be flexible

Going to college will take you away from your comfort zone especially if you live on campus. Sharing a room with an unfamiliar person, getting used to their habits, adopting your schedule relying on their needs as well… what a challenge! The same may occur with your social life since you’ll have to deal with new people and maybe even take part in new activities. Don’t be afraid to start a new life!

The college community is probably the least judgemental group of people in the world! Everyone is up for trying something absolutely new! Do you know how to write screenplays? No? Take a sample from your friend, ask them for help and offer your assistance to the local drama club.

Another thing you have to be flexible with is your schedule. In most cases, you’ll have to change it from day to day. Either you’re reading essays on poverty in the world till morning or trying to fight poverty by working part-time – you have to manage these according to the people around. Some of them will randomly invite you to their birthday, some will ask your help with an essay in Social Studies – be prepared for everything.

desired career path Ideal Campus Life: How It Looks Like

Try to find a way to the desired career path

The vast majority of modern universities have already realized their biggest mistake that makes their alumni fail after graduation: the lack of hands-on experience. For example, you study Archeology and your final project is a ten-page essay about excavations on Easter Island and an online test. How fun!

Taking a proactive role in your learning process is essential for a quality academic experience! Initiate a field trip, a museum excursion, or invite a speaker from the local Archeological museum – all of your groupmates will be thankful for extra knowledge and experience. Find an internship that would kickstart your career while still in college and make sure your networking doesn’t stop at this point.

Take care of yourself

It’s not like we’re trying to deny a paragraph about flexibility – rather give some recommendations on balancing it. Students have the time of their lives on campus, meaning there’s a chance they forget about their physical and moral well-being. Therefore, such trivial things as getting enough sleep or staying hydrated are vital for anyone making a step to adult life.

Another self-care checklist:

  • Go to the gym or at least do a 10-minute set of morning exercises. College means a lot of sedentary work, which may exhaust your body. Stretching or lifting is a perfect way to keep fit as well as the minimum morning exercise, which will also keep you energized during the day.
  • Drink less coffee. Coffee culture is something hard to avoid. Still, try to drink herbal tea to keep a proper level of caffeine in your blood. Water will work as well, especially at night when writing papers or doing any other monotonous task.
  • Sleep well. Sounds funny, but still. If you don’t have time for a decent 8-hour sleep, try to break it in 90-minute periods. This means you have to wake up after 1,5 hours/3 hours/4,5 hours of sleep. Psychologists say, one sleep phase lasts for 90 minutes, and it’s important not to disrupt it in the middle. By the way, for falling asleep, strain and relax your body 10 times – it does work!
  • Stay hydrated. Carry your bottle everywhere you go and set a mobile app to remind you when you should drink another glass.
  • Add vitamins to your daily diet. Even though you can survive eating snacks and fast food, remember about the natural minerals and vitamins that can take care of your body.
  • Meditate. Buy a yoga carpet and do some breathing – your nervous system will be glad to have some rest in between your intensive studying and partying.

A free spirit, party animal, and simply a rockstar – this is how people imagine modern students. Many of them would wish to wear your shoes. Don’t miss a chance to get the best of your campus life!

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