Identifying the key partners for your big event

At some stage in our lives we will all need to organise a big event. It could be a wedding, or it could be a corporate function, like a product launch or a year end bash. There are so many guises in which the event could appear that we could spend an entire article listing the possibilities. The point is, at some stage your event will come knocking and you will need to get your project planning pants on and start implementing. Some people do these types of events for a living, while for other the event finds you every so often. If you fall into the latter category, here are some tips on the partners you might want to bring onboard to make sure your event is the success that you hope it will be.

printing Identifying the key partners for your big event


From invitations to order of service name cards, almost every event is going to come with printing needs. Having a reliable partner who can deliver quality work at budget friendly prices is important. Look around early and ask for recommendations on who to work with – and if you find a partner who works for you, stick with them. To find a recommended partner in your area speak to friends or use the internet – search for something like ‘print managed solutions Sydney’ or ask for Facebook recommendations. You are bound to come up with some good leads.

photography Identifying the key partners for your big event


Good photographers might be expensive but there is a reason for that – because while anyone can point and shoot it takes a professional to get the right shot. And once the shot has been taken there is still plenty that needs to happen behind the scenes. Editing, retouching, colouring and compiling the best pictures from the thousands that have been taken all takes time. But no matter what the nature of your event, you are going to want images. It could be for personal memories or for social media or to leverage your brand for media exposure. Whatever your motivation, a good photographer is an important ally to have.

catering Identifying the key partners for your big event


In much the same way that almost anyone can take a picture, so too can almost anyone make a tray of eats. But this is your big event and you want it to be memorable for the right reasons. This means that you are going to want quality cuisine – food that your guests or delegates will talk about for years to come. Home cooked can often be great, but make whatever solution you settle on, make sure that you have eaten their food previously. Your caterer is not somebody you in the phonebook find the day before your event – if that is what is happening then you are almost certainly headed for disaster.


Music is becoming increasingly easy to manage due to business services like Amazon and Spotify. These platforms offer great playlist services that are hard to beat – well they can be beaten but compiling your own playlist can be very time consuming. A solution like Amazon works well for an event, obviously not so well if there is dancing. If there is to be dancing, then find a good DJ who has his own equipment who will be able to work the decks as required.

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