How To Keep Kids Away From Overuse Habit Of Smartphone

How To Keep Kids Away From Overuse Habit Of Smartphone
Parents in this tech world are highly concerned about the health of their kids due to excessive use of smartphone or other similar devices and due to more time spend on social media instead of physical activities. However, the big question here is what qualifies as “excessive” and there is no evidence-based guideline, but there are some advice from scientists and public health officials to follow. Below are some precautions to be followed at home to discourage kids to be overly inclined towards electronic devices:

Don’t keep smartphone in kid’s bedrooms

There’s sleep loss cases across the world due to bedroom screen time apart from variety of risks and so it is strongly recommended the parents should keep the electronic devices out of their kid’s bedrooms. The same is applied to adults too. Try not to watch TV too before hitting the bed. You may develop insomnia.

Online firewalls

You cannot guarantee your kid may remain away from illicit or shocking content on mobile devices. Try to make use of parenting tools so that your younger generation is unable to access such content and even curb data use. Teach your kid to have moderate use on social media.

Device contract

Make some friendly contracts with your child to help make least use of smartphones at home like only be active on social media for about an hour or no devices to be used at the dinner table. Create rules and restrictions at home with the help of one or two family media planning apps so that child does not violates those or else lost the phone for a period of time.

Healthy device behaviors

We all are drawn to devices, wither adults or kids. Staying away from those is the real struggle and so you can’t expect your kids to be different. Try to put your own phone away while driving or while at the dinner table. It is true your kid will learn the same what you do or follow.

Old-school phone for kids

If your child really needs a phone for emergency purpose to keep in contact with you or your spouse, it is suggested to give them a smartphone without a data plan so that they can make calls or send text messages to you or friends. If they need social media, of course your computer at home will be enough. This will also make them disciplined to use devices at free time.

Email filtering

Even if your kid is mostly using emails to incorporate with friends, relatives or teachers, it is important to keep a good check on those too. There’s a software or tool to do the job and it is available at email verification. It offers such service that filters emails by detecting spam mails, bounce mails and more. The platform offers email validation to keep the inbox clean and free of unwanted mails. The service is very useful either for your child or for you.

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